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Skomer Studio is an independent jewellery brand based in London, UK. Skomer Studio creates modern sterling silver and 9kt gold jewellery and accessories. With a focus on creating pieces that are long lasting timeless designs, Skomer Studio strives to ensure its processes are as socially responsible and sustainable as possible, offering a slower jewellery and accessories alternative. Skomer Studio focuses its values across three different areas: materials and production, customer care and social responsibility.


Materials and production


Each item of jewellery is made to order to ensure minimal waste and minimum carbon footprint is created through the production process.


Every piece is designed and created here in London, UK. Made by hand in our London studio.


80% of all precious metals - sterling silver and 9kt gold - used within production are from recycled sources.


We use recyclable materials in our packaging and studio where possible and continuously implement new ways to have less of an environmental impact.


We aim to source as many materials we use within the studio locally here within the UK where possible to ensure we support our local jewellery production community and reduce resources used in order to obtain materials.


Customer care

Each object and piece of jewellery Skomer Studio produces is created to last, however if the slight mishap does happen, Skomer Studio offers every customer a repairs service. Just simply send a picture of your piece explaining why the repair is needed to our email address and we can get back to you with instructions for sending the piece to us and whether there will be any charges.


As well as a repairs service, Skomer Studio offers a complimentary reconditioning service in the case where older pieces may need a buff and polish to bring them back up to their original shine. Again please get in touch with us via email to organise this service.


Social responsibility

We want to ensure we give back to the community by donating 10% of the profits from every sale to charity. Skomer Studio supports the Maya Centre and Marine Conservation Society, with the donation equally split between the two charities.